Your collaboration with the agency with the distinctive title New Model with TAX Nr EL044749184 under the responsibility of the Tax Office of Ilioupolis, located at 70 Vouliagmenis Ave. in Argyroupoli, is governed by the following terms:

1) Each person should work with one agency only and if our agency undertakes your representation - a fact which you will prove by signing this - you will now work only with it. In case of your cooperation with another agency or with a client directly, without our mediation, the issue of our compensation will be presented. In the case of actors, the exclusivity concerns only works that have an advertising purpose and in no case theater-cinema, serial in TV or anything other than acting, except commercials.

2) To take part in a photo shoot or a TV commercial you have to go to castings. The more castings you attend, the greater chances you have to be selected.

3) For no reason can the collaborator leave the shooting before the work is completed. If he does, then he will bear the cost of the damage he has caused.

4) You should always be precise in your time and presence on set and in no case will you be able to be absent from them, except for reasons of force majeure, which will be proven in writing as well, because a number of different specialty employees take part in the shooting and they cannot be delayed in their work due to your possible unexcused absence or delay.

5) The relationship established with the cooperation of the agency with the model, in no case is dependent, as the model hires the agency to book him/her jobs and the model is not considered an employee of the agency, therefore the latter does not have the obligation to insure the model, pay salaries, gifts, allowances, etc. The agency mediates for the undertaking of work by the model and the receipt of the model's remuneration, will be done only by the agency, after the model has previously issued the relevant proof of service to the agency. In case of occasional occupation of the model in the field and if he/she does not issue the relevant receipt of service provision, he/she will be remunerated by the agency after the latter issues the relevant document. You expressly acknowledge that in case of non-payment of the money on behalf of the model by the respective production company to the agency, the agency has no obligation to compensate the models.


Finally, you explicitly agree and it is clarified that this agreement does not create a dependent employment relationship of the model with the agency and therefore the agency has no obligation to insure the model or pay salaries, allowances, gifts, etc. The model is obliged to start a profession and be insured according to the relevant provisions on employee insurance.

I agree to all the terms regarding the General Data Protection Regulations as they appear on the website of the Agency in the category Privacy Policy (GDPR)

All terms herein are vital and I RECEIVED KNOWLEDGE and fully understand and accept them.