New Model



Welcome to Athens!

I am so glad you joined us and I hope that we can have a great co-operation together!

I would like to give you some advice that will make things easier for you. So, follow them up and we’ll do great things together!!!


CASTINGS: You will talk with me for the castings


  • Every afternoon I will give you instructions for the next day’s castings.
  • Schedule might be different for each of you, according to the clients requests, so make sure you follow the instructions I sent personally to you, and do not follow any other model.
  • We will be many times per day in touch, to check if there are some last minute castings for the day.
  • You have to go to all your castings. You should never miss or be late to any of your castings. In case you get lost, do not decide on your own to skip a casting and go to the next one! You have to call me immediately, to check if this client can wait for you a bit longer. CASTINGS CANNOT BE ALWAYS REPEATED.
  • Some castings can be at the same client you have already been many times. They do that as it is easier for the models to go to a place they already know, than to run around Athens to meet clients.
    please check with me if it is necessary to go back again or not.
  • Always have with you high heels. Before you enter the casting you should wear them.
  • Just in case please have with you in your bag a swimwear.
  • Always style you hair, wear natural make-up (not black eye pencils or dark eye shadows) and a lip-gloss. Also you must be clean (of course you are) and your feet and hand nails must LOOK GREAT. Nude color, or non colored, the nails is a very important detail that clients pay attention to.. You must look amazing at the castings because this is the way of getting the bookings.
  • At the castings you must wait patiently for your turn. don’t complain.
  • ALWAYS have your mobile turned on in case I need to speak with you.
  • If you have an early casting be sure that you have at least 8h sleep.


APARTMENT Keys will be provided and must be returned right before you leave.

  • NO BOYS are allowed in the apartment. This is crucial so don’t take this lightly!!!
    You are not allowed to have ANY visitors into the house. Not even for a coffee.
    Any people you want to meet, they need to wait for you outside of the building.
    No other person except you and your roommates is allowed to enter the apartment.
  • A cleaning lady will visit the apartment once a week. Though, you must keep the place clean. Every day you must take out the garbage.
  • We strongly recommend to secure your valuable things (jewelry etc) with lockers.
  • When you go out please take your keys with you (as you can understand it’s not polite to wake up the other models or neighbors for you to get in the apartment)
  • You will as well be given a wireless internet code
    select MODELS-APTS password is 2109966234
  • If for any reason you are asked from local authorities what you are doing in Greece say you are tourist. Never say a model.
  • MOBILE PHONE/SIM CARD In order to have a Greek number you will go in a Vodafone Store and buy a number ,it will be a VODAFONE sim card. This costs approximately 5 EURO. At the same Vodafone store you must buy credits of 10 EURO for activate your card(please have ID or passport with you), you will find one close to us. This is the phone number from where you will call me and I will call you back.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT I strongly recommend you to buy a monthly ticket for all transportation means tram (railway), metro, train, bus.

This costs 30 EURO.

You can get in the central metro stations (syntagma, attiki, omonoia).

Our nearest metro station is ALIMOS.





  • As a professional model you must always have your cards with you. The place you collect all the prints (cards, book) is called PRINT CITY and is at irakleitou 4, Athens, near “syntagma” metro station.


  • You must always have your book with you in the castings.


Ask me to book you an appointment, use this gift to look more amazing!

Hair cut, hair styling, hair treatment is FREE for you

Coloring 50% discount for you

AHILLEOS 54 PALAIO FALIRO (Αχιλλέως 54 παλαιό Φάληρο)

Go to “alimos” metro station, get on and get off at “neos kosmos” metro station. Take the tram T1 and get off after 10 stops at “panagitsa” station.



Leontos 4 argyroupolis 5 min walking form the agency J

The gym is free for you as long as you give them one of your

must not forget to do check in on facebook when you go training


  • You are not allowed to leave the city for more than a daytrip. Of course you can do sightseeing at your free time, but you must be available for clients even for last minute requests.
  • If you want to make any change at your body face or skin (piercing, tattoo, solarium or anything else) you must always discuss it with me BEFORE you do it.
  • Be very careful with your money when you take public transportation.
  • Be very careful with people you don’t know.
  • Of course you can go out for clubbing etc. but I want you to be extra careful with who you are going out or who you meet. After all I am responsible for each one of you.


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Concerning the books, the keys, and whatever else that agency provided at your arrival must be returned.

Especially for book, in case it is lost or not returned, it will be charged to your balance (40 euros)

If you have any problems (no matter what) you must come straight to me. We can discuss everything together. If you can’t reach me at the office you can call me at my mobile phone 0030 6978 009 729

If you need something you can always come to me. Don’t forget we are a team!


That’s all girls

Good luck!!!